My head's throbbing!

[mood:| blah]

[music:| Amy Lee feat. Seether - Broken]

My head isn't working right now &__& I'm unable to think about anything at all and when I do try to "THINK" my head throbs so painfully It feels like it's being split into two!!!!! I went through my friends posts and comments earlier but am only able to reply to a few of them! It's like my mind won't supply anything to type! ;___; I think I'm braindead!!!! And I feel so unloved lately! I wonder why?!

Ahhh this post is useless itself! T______T *headwalls* Sorry guys, I'll get back to commenting and posting replies to my flist's entries tomorrow! Right now I want to go to bed!!!

But before I leave! Make me happy and check out this "lame attempt at a manga fan video" that I made! This only took an hour, so I guess it's pretty crappy! But still! >_>

Kindly leave me some comments about it in my youtube account!!!! But if you guys don't wanna! It's fine! *sits in a corner with Tama-chan growing mushrooms* I'm such a horrible friend lately! *shrugs*